Creating a Tab Interaction in 15 Min with Articulate Storyline 2

In this short video I show you how simple it is to create a simple tab interaction using Articulate Storyline 2. In under 15 min I design the interaction, create the states, create the layers and the template content as well as create triggers and update the buttons to reflect the current selected tab. Storyline 2 makes it quick and simple.

Using this knowledge you could create various different type of simple click to reveal interactions in varying form it is simple and quick to do. If you would like to learn more about Articulate Storyline 2 check out Learning Dojo’s full online course with over 9.5 hours of training covering everything from A-Z.

You can download the template created in this training here:

Here is the video showing how to create a simple tab interaction. Let me know what else you want to learn:

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