Building Responsive HTML5 Learning with Bootstrap at DevLearn 2017

One thing I love to do is think outside the norm. To try something new that is not your standard way of building eLearning. All sound like cliches that any good eLearning vendor would tell you, but I really do. I have invested a lot of my own personal learning time and funds to try new things. I am currently working on an interactive video template just because I want to see something different in the industry.

Being a web developer myself, it is easy to see that the eLearning industry does not take full advantage of what the web world can do. I am not sure why, but I would love to see this industry catch up and really take what is possible and make it useful and impactful for learning. That is really why I love this industry is because it brings meaning, purpose, and strategy to technology.

DevLearn 2017

This is why I always try to speak on web technologies at major learning industry events like this years eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference. I have been going to DevLearn for 10 years now and it keeps getting better every year. I always come away from DevLearn with loads of ideas, lists of new tools to try and amazing new contacts of like minded people.

This year I am presenting on a topic I have really dived into this last year which is Bootstrap, specifically the new Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap makes responsive web development much easier than trying to code layouts all yourself. Honestly, you are mostly working with HTML, some CSS and little to no JavaScript. So if you are comfortable with HTML basics you can hit the ground running with Bootstrap.

So we are going to be covering everything you need to know to start making your own HTML5 learning web pages, with hands-on examples and to make your life even easier we are going to be exploring a tool that will make it as easy as PowerPoint for building layouts.

So why learn Bootstrap?

Why not just stick with Storyline? Captivate or any other standard tool? You certainly can and I am not suggesting you abandon those tools, but they have their limits. Learning a framework like Bootstrap lets you go beyond building the normal page turner courses and gives you more control over how your layouts work on every device so to me the short answer on why you should learn Bootstrap is simply flexibilityGive yourself the ability to go beyond the norm.

Ninja Framework

Not all frameworks lend itself to the learning realm very well, which is why I have done a lot of extra coding for you to make your life easier so you can still create typical eLearning navigation, use standard quiz questions and more. So we will also be covering how to build HTML5 for standard learning courses.

So, I hope to see you October 24th in Las Vegas for the DevLearn 2017 conference. Don’t forget to sign up for my session here.

Video Trailer

Here is my video trailer:

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