Building Cross-platform Native Apps with Appcelerator Studio and Alloy Course

Over 10 years ago I was wanting to get into programming and back in that time one of the most popular tools to learn was Flash. I remember spending countless hours on trying to learn ActionScript 3 and how excited I got when I could make something animate after I clicked on a button. I would run up stairs and show my wife which usually caused her to roll her eyes 😉 You know the kind of thing only developers would understand.

I remember thinking how cool it would be to get to a point where I could have my own courses on sites like I came across and started creating my own course on Appcelerator Titanium. It was the first course I created on and it performed well but I was still fairly new to creating online courses and always wanted to go back and revamp the course. While I was creating other courses I came across which is similar to but focused more on development. I liked their approach and knew they were growing rapidly so I thought it would be great to see if I could revamp my Appcelerator course for their platform.

I worked hard revamping the course in a way that had more step by step examples and really dove into the Alloy language. I felt more at home with Alloy since it structured apps similar to websites having the file structure in XML, the styling in CSS and behavior in JS. To me it makes more sense than classic code and I didn’t see courses that focused solely on Alloy so I wanted to create a course that did just that.

After months of work and rework I am happy to announce my course is live on You can check it out. Please let me know what you think and how I can improve for the next go around. I dive deeper than the course I did on Udemy. I talk about databases, Appcelerator Arrow and a lot more. I also walk through how to build a ScoreKeeper app. Yes I preview mostly in iOS just because it loads faster but everything should apply to Android and if it doesn’t I try to call that out specifically.

If you are a web developer and want to build native mobile applications I highly recommend you check out this course.

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